Khándroma is a groove-oriented, instrumental band from Freiburg, Germany. Khándroma's music blends elements from jazz, progressive rock, funk and metal with minimalistic, repeating patterns, creating a unique sound and musical style.

Since its formation in 2007, the band's core lineup has consisted of piano, electric bass, and drums, while past iterations of the band have featured additional instruments such as electric guitar, vocals/rap, synthesizer, percussion, and French horn. The current lineup consists of piano, saxophone, electric bass, and drums.

Portrait of the four musicians of Khándroma

Khándroma's compositions fluctuate between passages of explosive energy and etheral sonic textures. They foster awareness, induce trance, or provoke analysis. Khándroma's music is a powerful tool for open-minded listeners, offering a complex experience that allows for thinking and feeling, resting and dancing, being far away – or right here.

Khándroma has released four studio albums to date, each with its own unique style, yet all showcasing different aspects of the band's signature sound. The latest album – Chrystal Math – presents the unique Khándroma style more concisely than previous releases, while still remaining true to the band's distinctive musical identity.

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Khándroma can be heard live on a regular basis in their own rehearsal and concert space in Freiburg.

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Portrait of the four musicians of Khándroma
  • Tilman Vogel – Piano
  • Johannes Bernet – Saxophone
  • Philipp Janz - Electric Bass
  • Moritz Ulrich - Drums


  • 9 March 2022:
    • Save the Date: Album release concert on 20 March 2022, 8 p.m. in our own concert space in Freiburg
  • 3 March 2022:

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  • No upcoming shows at the moment. Check back soon.

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Chrystal Math (2022)

Turbulenzen (2013)

Fetzen (2010)

Exposition (2008)

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Workshop concert teaser (2022)

Live at Forum Jazz (2017)

Live at e-werk Freiburg (2016)

Live at Kulturclub schon schön Mainz (2016)

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